[opensource-dev] Kudos to the Viewer team(s) past

Ponzu lee.ponzu at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 07:17:29 PDT 2010

I just wanted to say something.

I used to do C++ code reviews for HP.  That is, an HP customer would pay HP
big bucks to send in someone to review a new C++ app they were about to roll
out (too late, right 8-).  So I would go to the customer site and spend a
week talking to developers and looking at code.  Then I would write a
report.  Nothing very high tech, but CIOs seemed to like it.

The good news is that the SL Viewer code is the best C++ code I have ever
seen in a large application.  (Scary?)  Good work.  Kudos to the ancestors.

What I mean by "best" is that it looks like the C++ you find in the best
advance examples, rather than like FORTRAN converted to C++.  You'd be
really amazed at what huge kludges some of the really big, important C++
applications look like at America's largest corporations.  For example, a
million lines that compiles into one big .o file.  Sweet.

-- Things are the way they are because they got that way.

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