[opensource-dev] Simple thing for snapshots?

Talia Tokugawa talia.tokugawa at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 26 22:00:17 PDT 2010

I was wondering how easy this'd be to achieve. When I take a snapshot to
inventory.. it seems that no matter what size I have my window at the snap
ends up as 512*512.
Snapshots currently store some information about the snap..
Name: [ Snapshot : parcelname, sim name (pos)]
Desc: [ Taken by username at parcelname, simname (pos)]

Now this is definitely more useful than the original "Snapshot" that was
stored, but I was thinking it would be even more useful to store say the
screen resolution in the description field.
My first usage idea on this was just for simple inworld picture frames.
could get the res of the image from the description and then scale the frame
to the correct aspect ratio for the image.
This could however be taken a step further as some TPV currently seem to
have "Preview Aspect Ratio" pulldowns which allow you to set preset aspect
ratio for an image. Would be nice if these could pull the aspect ratio from
the description so you could get your images at the correct aspect ratio.

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