[opensource-dev] Lindens way ahead of us

miss c miss_c_27 at yahoo.com
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yep that's why I said this ....

Before it turns into an even bigger debate.  First, I assumed that  viewcontrol 
meant rlv since it was directly under breastphysics, I do  not know what the 
viewercontrol code is for.  Secondly this could be  Oz's personal build for 
himself XD.  It does say it was merged with the  latest viewer, but its not here 
in the code, no breast physics period. 

...I am just combing the code and changes to work on UI customization.  I was 
trying to  locate change notes for the dev release when I ran across it.

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llviewercontrol.h is the header that allows access to saved settings values 
within the viewer, and has nothing to do with RLV or any other form of control 
over the viewer. They are simply a set of saved control values in llsd xml 

On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 22:37, miss c <miss_c_27 at yahoo.com> wrote:

All this talk about adding these plug ins.... RLV and breast physics plug ins 
were added to viewer 2 already.
>They were just going to surprise us I suppose -.-
>I found it here http://bitbucket.org/oz_linden/test1/changeset/bbecf41db5c8
>merge avatar physics up to latest viewer-development 
>49 #include "llbreastmotion.h" 
>49 50 #include "llviewercontrol.h" 
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