[opensource-dev] 2.0 Absolute Dealbreaker - script count feature request

miss c miss_c_27 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 27 07:21:39 PDT 2010

As a sim owner I have to have script counter so we can keep our scripts low in 
the sim because of the excessive us of resizing scripts.  Several times a day we 
have an exercise in our sim where we make an estate announcement to count your 
scripts and your neighbors to reduce the load on the servers.  Even though we do 
this several times a day there is always someone who forgot their scripts in 
something, you can easily find a good 5-10 people with 400+ scripts on them.  I 
am completely sold on the 2.0 code and can live without some of the other 
features in Phoenix/Emerald, but this one is an absolute deal breaker for me.  I 
combed through the code to try and see if this was something handled in xml 
commands and its not, its in the Phoenix/Emerald code.  Can we please get this 
option, also the option of avatar announcement upon entering the sim helps 
combat scripts.  I have it announcing when an avatar enters and announcing 
region script count change so i know as soon as they enter and their script 
count if I am paying attention.  



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