[opensource-dev] Simple thing for snapshots?

Ricky kf6kjg at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 12:05:14 PDT 2010

And I've been thinking of a way to implement and arbitrary number of
tags that would require a rewrite of the assest servers.  Admittedly
this is a hack, but it could potentially work, assuming that adding a
system for an arbitrary amount of arbitrary properties (tags) for
assets the simple way is a difficult proposition but modifying the
simulator isn't so bad.  (The simple way being adding a table for the
properties, or similar idea.)

Here's the idea so far: For every asset created a hidden notecard
object is also created.  The UUID of this notecard is added to a
hidden property of the asset so that the simulator knows what to ask
the asset server for.  The contents of the notecard are simple
key:value pairs, potentially stored as LLSD.  When an asset is
requested by the simulator, it then asks the asset server for the
notecard and parses the contents. It then loads both the asset's fixed
data and the properties pulled from the notecard into a single data
structure internally for access for clients/scripts.

Upon save to the asset server, the asset's fixed data and the dynamic
properties would be separated out of the internal data structure into
the asset submission and matched notecard and sent to the asset

The properties would fall under the existing asset permissions system,
such that they can't be changed from the client unless the agent has
mod privs.

Corresponding would be a proposal for adding two new LSL commands:
list llGetProperties(list) and llSetProperties(list) where the lists
would be 2 element strided lists composed of the key as a string and
the value as whatever was/will be stored.

The downside is that it would require 2 calls to the asset server per
normal asset.

Cron Stardust

On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 11:21 AM, Daniel Smith <javajoint at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 10:00 PM, Talia Tokugawa
> <talia.tokugawa at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> I was wondering how easy this'd be to achieve. When I take a snapshot to
>> inventory....
>> Now this is definitely more useful than the original "Snapshot" that was
>> stored, but I was thinking it would be even more useful to store say the
>> screen resolution in the description field.
> I have long thought we should be able to apply tags to inventory items (I
> even talked with P about this in 2006..)
> The automatically applied tags could be Region/Parcel/Position/Time etc.
> This would make searching a lot easier.  And in the case of Photos, yes -
> the specific resolution info would be great.
> (in other words, I wouldn't want to see LL just do a specific solution for
> Photos, and then do something different for Notecards, LMs, etc.  The use of
> Tags would give a general mechanism that would lend itself to interpretation
> by different types of inventory items.)
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