[opensource-dev] Snowstorm changes (more Lindens fired)

Daniel Smith javajoint at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 14:30:10 PDT 2010

Much of our success in this period can be attributed to the unstinting
efforts of Tofu and Aimee, who have really done amazing work in the last few

We at Linden Lab made a corporate decision back in the spring to close down
our entire presence in the UK; all UK-based Lindens were affected, with
varying timing. This means that Tofu and Aimee will be no longer be Lindens
after Thursday.

Shakes head.   This is pathetic.  One wonders when they were told.

What should be foremost for the Snowstorm project is to give the developer
community a sense of belonging, of a team, and to have ample reason to spend
their cycles contributing here.

.. Because, after all, there are a variety of venues where a talented dev
can contribute to the viewer.  LL is not the only game in town, and that is
a good thing.

In my mind, this is another in a series of roadblocks to success.  It leaves
a bad taste in the mouths of.. well, I can speak for me.. I wont speak for
the community.  Another big roadblock is Oz... the guy was only at LL for 3
months before announcing "no 1.x UI" at SLCC.  Why is someone with next to
no SL experience in such a key role, determining much of the outcome of the
viewer?  He has next to no history - the community does.  It is Tofu and
Aimee that should be allowed to work remotely, and it is Oz that should be
in a role where his heavy handedness does not become a roadblock to success.

The trends are very clear to me.  The 1.x and 2.x codebases cannot compete
with something like Unity (in 2 years, they would still not be close to
where a potential Unity 2.6 foundation would be, if started today).   A 3.x
codebase with full plugin support from day 1 might have a chance.

All roads are leading to OpenSim + Unity client.

Tofu and Aimee, thanks for your adept efforts.  You will be missed.

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