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Tue Sep 28 16:29:44 PDT 2010

Hey People!

Please excuse me while i say something for all the n00bs in the world,
whether their "inexperience" is their fault or not, and without
judging anyone's learning speed, patience, or whatever else those with
criticize the others who are without for lacking.

Maybe i'm just "challenged" myself, but i haven't found
anything, anywhere that comes even close to being a "one stop"
resource for builders, scripters, land owners, etc.  Even the user
guide stuff could use better organization and a "more engaging"

It's not like a bunch of us don't have the skills needed to put
together a totally killer instruction manual for SecondLife like the one
you don't get (but really ought to) for FL (First Life).  It's the
time, charter, & all the other stuff you have to have to eat & pay
tier for in all your lives that gets in the way of doing what i guess too
many people don't value enough to hire someone to do a good job of.

It's pretty sad, too, because i think there's easily enough active SL
premium residents that 10 cents a month from each of them would fund an
awesome project, maybe even with some revenue opportunities for

What i mean is sometthing like a book that's a website (best with
continually updated information) that does the A to Z thing for all the
builder & scripter tasks with regular resident & landowner
sections to go with it.  Not just recipes, but recipes with

A lot of the material needed to start a project like that has already
been written, it just needs to be all put all together and organized
better.  The next step could be to get together a list of all the
things people build and script for a comprehensive set of tutorials that
covered everything from t-shirts and shoes to complete avatars, vehicles,
weapons, shopping malls, and applications for all those advanced features
that curious people screw everyone else up with while they
experiment.  The finished product would have to include a complete
set of sample textures, scripts, animations, etc., along with usage tips
for at least all the common RL tools, like Photoshop, Blender, Qavimator,
and so on.

Links to other websites like Adobe,    Cinemacchiato
Machinima and all that are great for support, but something that has a
unified Look & Feel has to happen first. 

If people already aren't using the material & functionality
available, that says the stuff hasn't been made attractive enough, or easy
enough to understand, or obviously useful enough for them to be unable to
stop themselves from taking advantage of the help & instruction.

The point is, if we want people to behave and do things right, it's not
all that productive to just expect them to figure it all out for
themselves, especially when there's so much bad info going around - some
of it produced by people with social adjustment issues and plain malicious

And, it's kinda rude to tell someone to take their whatever and go hang
out in another sim without trying to help them learn how to do
better.  Not having enough understanding just creates resentment and
more unhelpful behavior.

Sorry about the long message. 

- AK

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