[opensource-dev] VWR-23239 (was: New memory leak in LLUIString ?)

Boroondas Gupte sllists at boroon.dasgupta.ch
Thu Sep 30 08:42:41 PDT 2010

 On 09/24/2010 01:58 PM, Boroondas Gupte wrote:
> Looking through recently merged commits, I noticed that changeset
> 80af8db446df changes
> <http://bitbucket.org/lindenlab/viewer-development/changeset/80af8db446df#chg-indra/llui/lluistring.h_newline113>
> LLUIString::mArgs into a pointer. This pointer gets initialized with a
> new object in one of the constructors
> <http://bitbucket.org/lindenlab/viewer-development/changeset/80af8db446df#chg-indra/llui/lluistring.cpp_newline41>
> (the other constructors set it to NULL), or lazily (i.e. when still
> NULL when an actual object is required) through LLUIString::getArgs()
> <http://bitbucket.org/lindenlab/viewer-development/changeset/80af8db446df#chg-indra/llui/lluistring.cpp_newline161>.
> Though I can't seem to find where mArgs gets deleted again. Is it
> being leaked?
> As far as I can see, mArgs (which is private) doesn't get assigned any
> pointers from outside the LLUIString instance and is never passed out
> through any method, so it should be save to delete it in the
> destructor of LLUIString.

Filed as VWR-23239 <https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-23239>.

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