[opensource-dev] llpaneloutfitedit.cpp failure to compile with vs2010 and boost 1.45.

Nicky Perian nickyperian at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 2 09:03:54 PST 2011

std::for_each(item_set.begin(), item_set.end(), boost::bind( 
&uuid_vec_t::push_back, &uuid_list, _1));

<error snip>
..\..\newview\llpaneloutfitedit.cpp(1332): error C2780: 
,A1>::type,boost::_mfi::dm<M,T>,_bi::list_av_1<A1>::type> boost::bind(M T::* 
,A1)' : expects 2 arguments - 3 provided
 C:\lindenhg\vcexpress2010build\libraries\include\boost/bind/bind.hpp(1728) : 
see declaration of 'boost::bind'
</error snip>

I have diffed and boost1-39 and i cant find differences.

Need pointers to help solve.

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