[opensource-dev] Asstiance needed for STORM-236

WolfPup Lowenhar wolfpup67 at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 3 13:15:32 PST 2011

After today's scrum meeting I started working on adding an new panel to the
code to contain the resize handle for NearByChat and I'm having trouble
figuring out how to add the panel to the code, it has been added to the xml,
as there is no clear definition in the code for how the panels are read from
the xml file so that the panels size information can be processed. I need
help figuring out the following things:

1.     How the panels are defined in the code.

2.     How the code is actually reading the size of said panel.

3.     How does the code handle panels being drawn.


None of the above is documented in the code at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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