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Erin Mallory angel_of_crimson at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 4 21:05:03 PST 2011

sooo I've been thinking allot, and I do mean allot about what else should be savable besides layout.

when saving the layouts I think there should be an option to save certain preferences. 
here's the ones I was thinking of:
All Graphics settings, all movement settings, and the preferences for chat notifications. 
and here is my reasoning:
depending on what you are doing you may either want kick ass all effects graphics or very basic, speed graphics, or somewhere in between.  And just moving the slider doesn't always really fit the graphics to whats needed. 
(for example if i'm on a date in a really great sim or doing photos i like to have local lights on, and much higher detail then i do when i'm say roleplaying, inventory sorting, building, or at a roller derby meet.  In fact I have very different settings I like for each activity.
likewise if im doing roller derby i like to have the wasd keys default to movement and for most other things i like them to be on typing.  Allot of other people I know do the same. 
also though i don't ever use the chat popups myself some people actually do at least for some things... but several of those people toggle them off for certain things so it might be good to go ahead and include those in too. 

If we really wanted to get fancy we could also save the rendering types (like volume, particles, etc)
I know this would be difficult but it would be worth it. 

One more thing that should be another option to save is the floater/search states... 
for example profiles should open to the same people its saved to if that's what the person wants.
likewise inventory windows could be saved to the same search (or not) thats entered into the floater.
for example when im sorting inventory i tend to have one with "saved," one with "duplicate," one with "not sure I like," and then two or three that i rotate the search field as needed.
so I really think this should be an option to save as well... 

just my $2L worth 
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