[opensource-dev] Review Request: Make viewer-autobuild work under Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition.

Twisted Laws twisted_laws at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 6 09:56:55 PST 2011

Ok, i'm an idiot and can't follow instructions....   So i  reread Oz's msg and found i was using the wrong config and redid it with 
autobuild configure -c VCexpressRelWithDebInfo
Then that part worked ok.
If i then just used "autobuild build" it had the same fmod error as before.
So i tried autobuild build -c VCexpressRelWithDebInfo --verbose  and things went further but as someone else reported then i got 100's of errors about winsock2.h not being found.   Why does it continue to try to build everything after it gets so many errors?  
Build complete: 12 Projects succeeded, 113 Projects failed, 2 Projects skipped
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