[opensource-dev] Review Request: STORM-974 UI button alignment issues in Landmark panel, About Land window, and Hardware Settings window

Jonathan Yap jhwelch at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 12:04:18 PST 2011

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Review request for Viewer.


Please see the jira for the referenced pictures.

In picture #1, in the preferences > graphics > hardware settings, the line of "gamma" setting is a little too up and it collides with the "antialiasing" line.

In picture #2 in the "places" tab under "my landmarks" tab the "profile" button gets cut off at the end from the rest of the sidebar's UI.
There are a number of other buttons with alignment issues with no screenshot.

In picture #3 in the Access tab in the About Land window, the remove buttons are off to the right a few millimetres.

Changes made were to align the Hardware Settings and About Land buttons and to completely go over the buttons in the Landmarks panel.  The small down-arrow at the bottom right corner was using an imbedded UTF-8 so I fixed that and also made it point up while the menu is open (there is a separate jira for reversing the direction it points in these two states).

This patch really needs a test viewer built to make sure all works and that nothing was missed in the Landmarks panel.  There are 3 other related jiras that I hope are taken in; a test viewer could be made incorporating all 4 jiras at that point.

This addresses bug STORM-974.


  indra/newview/skins/default/xui/en/floater_about_land.xml b0bceb572090 
  indra/newview/skins/default/xui/en/floater_hardware_settings.xml b0bceb572090 
  indra/newview/skins/default/xui/en/panel_edit_pick.xml b0bceb572090 
  indra/newview/skins/default/xui/en/panel_places.xml b0bceb572090 

Diff: http://codereview.secondlife.com/r/142/diff




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