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Erin Mallory angel_of_crimson at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 14 16:48:36 PST 2011

errm Anya? Im wondering why it would be expected behavior? all other buttons when pressed down except voice keep active when dragged and moved. wouldn't/shouldn't the gestures button do the same for consistancy?

the mini map, map, build, search, snapshot, etc all stay open...  

From: akanevsky at productengine.com
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 15:26:05 -0800
To: merov at lindenlab.com
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Subject: Re: [opensource-dev] PO Test build

Thank you, Merov! 
2011/2/12 Philippe (Merov) Bossut <merov at lindenlab.com>


Here's is a test build:

Containing merges of the following:
* STORM-357 : Gestures button is in the pressed state after drag-n-drop but gestures list isn't visible

Rejected. Original bug described incorrect expected behavior. 


* STORM-974 : UI button alignment issues in Landmark panel, About Land window, and Hardware Settings window

All of the fixes look fine, however we need to verify that this will not break layouts in other locales before merging.  

 * STORM-979 : selection outline from inventory bottom panel buttons is cut at the left side when clicked.

No objections 
* STORM-980 : Appearance panel / Wear button is too wide

Same concern as with STORM-974. Need to verify other locales. 

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