[opensource-dev] STORM-987 : llimage_libtest

Philippe (Merov) Bossut merov at lindenlab.com
Tue Feb 15 23:13:36 PST 2011


As you know (see Scrum reports), I've been working on this lately:

I'm pleased to say that a first version is available off:

It doesn't do much for the moment. Just load image files and output them
back in other image files. It supports all formats though (bmp, jpg, tga,
png and, of course, j2c) which is neat and, as is, can already be used to
exercise almost all of the texture compression/decompression code (and all
of llimage actually). As a tool, it's not impressive but the point is that
it exercises the viewer code itself without having to launch the viewer.
It'll make tweaking texture loading/saving algorithmic easier and based on
more reproducible data (i.e. a set of known defined image files).

I'm planning to add more to this before I move forward in deep Kakadu
territories (crucially: add perf stats gathering) but, if you're curious
and/or have ideas for this tool, now is the time to speak. I'll also gladly
welcome help on Linux build (haven't even tried that yet).

- Merov
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