[opensource-dev] UI - Picks - no delete button

Daniel danielravennest at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 09:20:08 PST 2011

What I see on 2.7.0(221148) was:

* At first, trashcan not visible in MyProfile > MyPicks.
* After using right arrow pick info button and then Edit button, 
trashcan appears and works
* Right click on avatar, and MyProfile from list opens a window, but 
does not bring up my web profile the first time,
   it does the second time, but does not show my Picks even though I am 
the owner of the profile.

Having both kinds of profiles and neither of them working right is 
confusing to users.

> From: Ann Otoole<missannotoole at yahoo.com>
> I don't see any trashcan. Expected. Looked. Not there. v2.5. No way to delete
> picks.

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