[opensource-dev] Hacking up to Visual Studio 2010 ...

Oz Linden (Scott Lawrence) oz at lindenlab.com
Wed Feb 16 13:01:51 PST 2011

Tomorrow and Friday (Feb 17 & 18), Linden Lab is going to be holding an 
in-house Hackathon (stopping work on many other things, getting many 
developers together all at once, and focusing on getting a lot done in 
short time) to upgrade our builds of all our libraries and the viewer to 
a new toolchain, including our new package management tool (autobuild 
<https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Autobuild>) and Visual Studio 2010 for 
Windows (yes... about time... whatever... we're doing it).

Our goals are simply stated:

   1. Get all open source components into repositories under
      hg.secondlife.com (eg bitbucket.org/lindenlab/).  All the third
      party components (things not created by LL) that we incorporate
      will be in repositories named with the prefix "3p-".  Most of
      these repositories exist now, but not all have sources in them yet.
   2. Get each component packaged with an autobuild configuration for
      whatever platforms it is needed on.
   3. Get each component needed on Windows building under autobuild with
      VS 2010.
   4. Get a TeamCity-automated build configured for each component
      repository with the resulting prebuilds of open components
      uploaded to public directories.
   5. Get the viewer built using the resulting prebuilt libraries, also
      under autobuild with VS 2010.

We also expect to integrate some automated viewer testing into our 
automated viewer builds, but none of that will be externally visible.

If you make a chart with a row for each component, and a column for each 
of 1 through 4 above, it's a lot of boxes to fill in... many have 
already been done: there are some complete rows, but it's still a big job.

I will be providing public updates on the wiki (form and location TBD... 
watch this thread) and on the #opensl IRC channel of how we're doing and 
the status of each public repository.

A non-goal for the Lindens is building the components with Visual Studio 
Express.  There is currently a limitation (see OPEN-1 in jira) that 
makes using Express cumbersome (it requires separate configuration). We 
do recognize that Express is important to open developers, and want it 
to be supported, but there's only so much we can do ourselves in two 
days.  There is an autobuild configuration checked in for building the 
viewer under autobuild including VS Express: 

I'm going to try to get some supporting documentation up on the wiki 
today or early tomorrow.  It should be possible for open developers to 
help us test whether or not the component builds can be used in Express 
as we go along.  If people want to do that and feed me changes, I'll try 
to get them incorporated in real time as much as possible.

Once all this is done (and it probably will not be merged to 
viewer-development immediately after the hackathon), this new toolchain 
will be the "supported" way to build the viewer and its dependencies, 
which means that if you really need to build with other tools, you'll 
have to work out how to do so - we'll consider accepting changes to 
support them so long as they're reasonably clean and don't break the 
standard way of doing it.   Maintaining support for building with older 
versions of Visual Studio will _not_ be a goal, and getting review time 
for them will probably be hard.

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