[opensource-dev] autobuild on linux

Nicky D. sl.nicky.ml at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 19 10:06:11 PST 2011

> when i run autobuild configure -c OpenSourceRelWithDebInfo I still get
> 'autobuild.common.AutobuildError: invalid 'pathcheck' setting for 'boto'
> ....  looking in common.py, the pathcheck for boto is 'lib/python2.5/boto'
> Anyone have any hints to help me get further?

As normal user try the following
(  cd "/var/tmp/`whoami`/install.cache" && wget

Then try again.
Looks like boto is a prereg that needs to be downloaded, but for
downloading you need boto. Or something like this :)
autobuild should really be happy if there is a system wide boto and use this.
For now you need to populate install.cache with the package, than
autobuild will unpack it for you and continue from there.


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