[opensource-dev] Review Request: VWR-24957: Attachments may loose their associated inventory item UUID

Kitty Barnett sldev at catznip.com
Tue Feb 22 04:49:22 PST 2011

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Review request for Viewer.


Current flow:
1) object->extractAttachmentItemID()
2) "same object reattached" condition evaluates true => removeObject calls object->setAttachmentItemID(LLUUID::null)
3) the remainder of addObject() executes but the object's mAttachmentItemID is now "LLUUID::null"

Reversing the order of (1) and (2) should prevent mAttachmentItemID from being - in this specific case accidentally - cleared

This addresses bug VWR-24957.


  indra/newview/llviewerjointattachment.cpp UNKNOWN 

Diff: http://codereview.secondlife.com/r/161/diff


I can't trigger that block for my avie's attachments "on demand" but I actually made this change a while back (before SVC-6766) in response to reports from users and this was the only possibility I could find in the viewer where an attachment may suddenly "forget" its associated inventory item.



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