[opensource-dev] Is 'STANDALONE' confusing?

Erin Mallory angel_of_crimson at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 22 20:04:51 PST 2011

"> The real distinction, I think, is whether or not you are using 
> _installed_ libraries. "

how about USE_INSTALLED_LIBS then? or possibly USE_LOCAL_LIBS

> Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 21:56:23 -0500
> From: oz at lindenlab.com
> To: opensource-dev at lists.secondlife.com
> Subject: Re: [opensource-dev] Is 'STANDALONE' confusing?
> On 2011-02-21 9:38, Boroondas Gupte wrote:
> > On 02/21/2011 03:28 PM, Oz Linden (Scott Lawrence) wrote:
> >> >  If we are going to change it, the replacement term should, in addition
> >> >  to being more accurately descriptive of what it does, be an affirmative
> >> >  term - don't suggest any 'NO_*" replacements.
> > Would it be acceptable to invert the setting's semantic in order to
> > avoid a negation? I.e., STANDALONE=OFF would become NEW_SETTING=ON and
> > vice versa. That'd allow for easy-to-understand names like
> >
> > Off course, the default value should be inverted together with the
> > setting's semantic, such that the default behavior does not change.
> Yes, I think that's best (assuming that we're going to change anything).
> A couple of comments on the interesting discussion....
> I'm not sure that any variation on 'USE_PREBUILD' quite captures the 
> correct semantics, because in the new autobuild framework one way to 
> work is going to be to download the project for a library you want to 
> compile locally (perhaps to try a new version, or to make some patch) 
> and then modify your viewer builds to use the output of that 
> compilation.  When you do that, you'll still be using exactly the same 
> sort of prebuilt package that you would, in the default case, download 
> from LL.
> The real distinction, I think, is whether or not you are using 
> _installed_ libraries.  Normally, the viewer build has only minimal 
> reliance on the libs that are installed on the system itself - it puts 
> the packaged libraries (which are now by default all loaded in a 
> 'build-*/packages directory rather than being mixed in with the sources).
> That might suggest something like USE_PACKAGED_LIBS with a default value 
> of NO/FALSE.
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