[opensource-dev] Test build available

Philippe (Merov) Bossut merov at lindenlab.com
Fri Feb 25 20:33:40 PST 2011


I created a "PO Build" to test a bunch of JIRAs in the Review state that
just need testing and PO Approval. The binaries are here:


The JIRAs pulled in for testing are:
* STORM-357 : Gestures button is in the pressed state after drag-n-drop but
gestures list isn't visible
* STORM-665 : User is not able to view full name of Group's founder in the
Group Profile
* STORM-842 : "Start at" list isn't populated with favorites if user name is
typed in fashion "firstname.lastname"
* STORM-889 : Put Link/Unlink in Edit Panel
* STORM-949 : please remove actual usernames from XUI files <-- Trivial and
not really testable
* STORM-954 : SL-viewer 2.0 No nearby people when over approximately 1000
meters <-- Long time dangling issue! Please test...
* STORM-971 : 'Stop Tracking' menu item is still enabled in Mini-map floater
after you stopped tracking in Nearby mini-map
* STORM-991 : Parser warning on Inventory floater construction
* STORM-1004 : Unblocking/blocking name sometimes deletes identically named
entry, but of different TYPE

- Merov
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