[opensource-dev] autobuild+vs2010 memory trouble

Jonathan Welch jhwelch at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 05:52:43 PST 2011

Yesterday I got to the point of being able to start a compile with
autobuild+vs2010 on my XP system with 3Gb of memory.  After about 90
minutes it died with the usual heap overflow message.  Today I edited
a file in the Cmake 2.8 directory and changed Zm1000 to Zm400 which
got me much further along.  About an hour in I saw I was about to run
out of memory and for the next hour was paging heavily.  I must have
run out of page file when it was working on llvlmanager.
I was left with 3 instances of cl.exe, 2 using a lot of memory and 1
using hardly any (I only have 2 cores so do not understand why I had 3
cl.exe running).  Once I killed those off it took about 4 minutes for
my page file to stop being accessed.

After yesterday's failure I tried again and all the files in the build
that had compiled successfully were being compiled again.

Some design changes need to be made here
1) Compile projects in much smaller chunks
2) Do not recompile files that have already been compile (I would like
someone to verify this)

My normal compile time has been a little over 1hr.

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