[opensource-dev] STORM-1023 (was OPEN-4) : fmod

WolfPup Lowenhar wolfpup67 at earthlink.net
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If your still having to copy the fmod.dll by hand then this is not a viable
solution as everything is supposed to be automatic hence the name autobuild.


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\dev\fmod   - contains the .h files
\dev\fmod\release - contains the .lib and .dll files  (fmodvc.lib renamed to
fmod.lib and fmod.dll)
\dev\fmod\debug - contains the .lib and .dll files (fmodvc.lib renamed to
fmod.lib and fmod.dll)
I couldn't get it to work using the zip extracted as it expects the release
and debug directorys under the directory specified in FMOD_LIBRARY and I had
to manually copy the dll file to 
build-vc100\sharedlibs\release (and debug and relwithdebinfo)


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If you could explain how your fmod directory it set up it would be welcomed.
As you can see I am using the upacked zip file. My suggestion still stand
about making a packaging system in autobuild that would generate a package
like the one LL uses for fmod that could then be placed somewhere that the
autobuild system could find it and the extract it to the build tree.


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to get fmod working i used this changeset and used
autobuild --debug configure -c VC10msbuildRelWithDebInfo --
successfully compiles, runs and has sound  (not standalone)



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