[opensource-dev] PO Test build (sprint 12)

Opensource Obscure opensourceobscure at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 10:11:48 PST 2011

My feedback on the Linux build, which I'll also add as comments in JIRA.

On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 07:49, Philippe (Merov) Bossut
<merov at lindenlab.com> wrote:

> * STORM-28 : As a User, I want the ability to send my calling card to
> others.

It works.
The first attempt to share someone's else card failed, as the
recipient got an email notification of an inventory offer. This was
probably a glitch, as recipient was online (not offline) and he
received the following cards I shared.

> * STORM-236 : Allow the "Speak" button to be removed, like other buttons

Nice, it works.
The menu item is named "Voice Enabled". I wonder if this can confuse
some foreign users as it enables Voice, but it doesn't turn on Audio
if it's disabled...but I'd say the Audio Mute icon is visible enough.

> * STORM-494 : Message Well window is undocked while opening Side bar

I think this now works as expected.

> * STORM-990 : The arrow in the bottom right of the Landmark panel points
> down


> * STORM-1015 : Unable to select right Login Landmark when its name is not
> unique

While testing, I found other two possible misbehaviours, that may be
known or not:

I added to Favorites few different landmarks  but with same name, and
I couldn't see them in the location dropdown list at next restart. I
deleted some Favorites as I may have topped some limit, I restarted
and I saw no changes in the list. The ones I had removed from
Favorites were still visible.
Then I checked Preferences and I saw the option was actually disabled.
It seems this setting isn't enforced, and it sort of prevents the list
to be updated.
I logged in, enable the setting and restarted - this time the list
reflected the actual list.

If the grid choice dropdown menu is enabled, clicking the grid name
field (or using Tab to select it) resets the location value. Reset
actually happens when you later click, or Tab to, another text field,
or open a floater through a menu.

> * STORM-1020 : It is sometimes necessary to press ALT+CTRL+D twice to get
> the Debug menu on the login screen

Linux/Gnome users may have to replace this system shortcut that by default
shows/hides desktop (this isn't new).

> * STORM-1036 : Remove the unused "How to create a new Classified ad"
> notification from XUI

not tested.

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