[opensource-dev] Added repository. Windows Autobuild

Nicky Perian nickyperian at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 6 20:48:37 PST 2011

Last week I merged in viewer-development 
into https://bitbucket.org/NickyP/viewer-autobuild2010-wip. Yesterday, I found 
some pre-autobuild behavior. While not broken it does lead to maintenance 
problems when trying to submit changes that are intended to correct autobuild 
issues. Change set 14899 is an example of one such issue. This was chasing a 
problem present in viewer-development but not in viewer-autobuild2010. That 
section of code isn't in viewer-autobuild2010 at all. The code from that change 
set will most likely be in viewer-development someday and was likely a make work 
removal in viewer-autobuild 2010. It concerns making a secondlife-bin.map when 
in Release. Since the code to make a map isn't present there is no map in 

Repository http://bitbucket.org/NickyP/viewer-autobuild2010-msbuild, added 
today, has only those viewer-development changes that were present in the source 
repository from which it was forked.  I have added changes and tested builds for 
 VC10msbuildRelease and VC10msbuildRelWithDebInfo which included configure, 
build, and log to aditi. This repository will be maintained to track its fork 
and only have commits of those changes and necessary changes to use with 

I am sorry for any confusion this may have caused.


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