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Wed Mar 9 15:27:09 PST 2011

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Review request for Viewer.


STORM-954 review had 2 patches, the second of which was approved in review process but the first patch is what went into viewer-development.  This is that second patch again. This patch modifies getAvatars() in llworld.cpp.  Note this patch becomes more important if/when avatar distances may be displayed to users in the viewer as it corrects for map data being incorrect above 1024m by using the viewer characters list to get avatar position if known and then falling back on the map data for the avatars that are beyond view range.  This patch is in the repository https://bitbucket.org/Twisted_Laws/viewer-development-storm-954

This addresses bug storm-954.


  indra/newview/llworld.cpp aed94e854443 

Diff: http://codereview.secondlife.com/r/194/diff


Proper testing with and without this patch is to have 2 or more avatars at 1050 height with other avatars on the ground under you, and the NearmeRange (debug setting) set to 4096 and the sort order in the Nearby avatars panel set to sort by distance. (A busy region like a sandbox, is a good place to test.) Without this patch, a nearby avatar will not necessarily be displayed before avatars that are further away.  With this patch, the avatar standing closest to you should show up as the first in the list.   



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