[opensource-dev] VWR-25112 Nearby sidebar minimap should be optional‏

Twisted Laws twisted_laws at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 9 18:13:03 PST 2011

VWR-25112 Nearby sidebar minimap should be optional‏
I ask that this be brought into STORM and for me to be able to provide a possible solution for a future sprint.
1. my proposed solution is to add a "View Map" checked menu option to the gear menu for the Nearby tab that when enabled would display the map as it does now, and when disabled, hide the map and resize the avatar_list to use the full space.
2. a possible solution for resizing the map is to use layout-stacks and layout-panels altho i think that should be done seperate.
3. the top/bottom positioning should be a separate issue as I'm not sure the way I'd do it would be acceptable.  (I could accomplish it but it would be by having code override xml or by having duplicate controls hidden/displayed.)
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