[opensource-dev] Review Request: Squared all dist_vec() based comparisons and other dist_vec() operations where sensible.

Cron Stardust kf6kjg at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 00:06:51 PST 2011

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Review request for Viewer.


I looking at the code, trying to find out where/how to add a new feature, when I tripped across one of these and it lit my mental warning bells off.  Vector distance comparisons should, IMHO, always be done squared.  So I did some greppin, manual analysis, and some careful modification, and here's the result.

This addresses bug https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-25126.


  doc/contributions.txt 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/llcharacter/llbvhloader.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/llmath/tests/llbbox_test.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/newview/llagent.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/newview/llfloaterchat.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/newview/llhudeffectlookat.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/newview/llhudeffectpointat.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/newview/llmaniprotate.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/newview/llmanipscale.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/newview/llnetmap.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/newview/llpanelpeople.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/newview/llselectmgr.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/newview/llspeakers.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/newview/llviewerchat.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/newview/llvoicevivox.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 
  indra/newview/llworld.cpp 344d4c6d7d7e 

Diff: http://codereview.secondlife.com/r/199/diff


Compiled a test viewer and used it, undertaking some of my normal activities.  Results felt good, but are currently anecdotal.  Any suggestions on how to properly measure this (or even some actual measurement from those already instrumented to measure these things,) would be great!



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