[opensource-dev] Release 2.5.2 candidate is available

Oz Linden (Scott Lawrence) oz at lindenlab.com
Fri Mar 11 13:51:48 PST 2011

The build link is:


This build has no feature changes; it is a set of crash fixes:

    * STORM-1014 Viewer crash in LLSurface::getWaterHeight
    * STORM-1026 Viewer crahes while trying to reset Graphics quality
    * STORM-1046 Crash in LWorld::removeRegion
    * STORM-1047 Crash at
      LLViewerObjectList::renderObjectsForMap(LLNetMap &)
      [secondlife-bin llviewerobjectlist.cpp]
    * STORM-1049 Crash at
      [secondlife-bin llviewertexture.cpp]
    * STORM-1052 Crash at LLVOCacheEntry::~LLVOCacheEntry() line 138
    * STORM-1053 Crash at LLTextureCache::writeToCache line

the plan, subject to testing over the next few days, is to push that to 
the release channel early next week.

Community testing in the mean time is appreciated.

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