[opensource-dev] PO Test Build (223545)

Ardy Lay ardylay at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 06:55:32 PST 2011

* STORM-28 : As a User, I want the ability to send my calling card to 
others (additional fixes)
Tried it a few times.  Seems to have worked but the message I got back 
appeared to be an IM from the recipient (I had an IM session open with 
them at the time), not a notice from the system:
[06:22] Second Life: Inventory item offered
[06:22] Sampler (sample.resident): Sampler (sample.resident) received 
your inventory offer.

* STORM-357 : Gestures button is in the pressed state after drag-n-drop 
but gestures list isn't visible
Button seems to behave better when dragged now.  Not sticking down.

* STORM-399 : Users that has chatted within chat range of the user 
in-world are not added to Recent tab
Unfortunately, objects that chat are in the list as (???)(???).  I see 
users being added to the list and the times seem to be incrementing.

* STORM-1019 : Add ability to display beacons for Media on a Prim objects
Works but console text overwrites or displaces text for scripted with 
touch beacons.  Also, I would prefer the console text to be presented in 
the same sequence as the check boxes on the floater, or, perhaps not 
displayed at all.  The beacons are disabled when the floater is closed.

* STORM-1021 : Viewer shows "L$300" instead of object IM details if 
object sends an IM from another region
"Mini-profile" of an Object IM from an object on a neighboring region 
has all the same details as one for an object in the region I am in.  I 
can now find those objects and identify their owner.

* STORM-1064 : People sidebar panel elements have inconsistent widths 
and map is slightly too tall
Looks better now.
> Cheers,
> - Merov
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