[opensource-dev] Outstanding patches since Januari...

Aleric Inglewood aleric.inglewood at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 11:51:18 PST 2011

This is just a reminder that there are still six patches of me waiting
on the reviewboard:


[This one also, but that one is currently being processed:


Finally there are,

https://codereview.secondlife.com/r/99/ ]

Those six, together with a bunch of others that
were processed in Januari were already done
in December last year - but Oz told me not to post
them because he wouldn't have 'reviewers' ready,
so I waited three weeks. After being posted, seven
more weeks have passed-- and all that time it seems
to make no sense to do anything else:

- Firstly, there are still patches out standing, what's the use to add
more? It makes no sense to submit patches faster than they are
- Secondly, one of the reasons for the "trial" (I never decided to
really come back, yet, I just wanted to give Oz' project 'snowstorm' a
fair chance) is that I wanted to avoid putting a lot of time into
viewer 2, only to have wasted that time when the trial failed; so I
wanted to avoid putting time into snowstorm when it the current state
is unsatisfactory.

Thus, I have been working on other projects for 10 weeks now(!) (not
viewer or even SL related), and it doesn't seem that things are
Two weeks ago I informed Oz about my upcoming decision, that I will be
forced to take, to leave the snowstorm project when nothing changed
(and before that I let him know my dissatisfaction plenty of times of
course). I said I'd stick around one more month (that's till the end
of March).

I'm not blaming anyone in particular - I'm sure that the snowstorm
team is heavily undermanned - but the result is the same: this open
source project is a failure.
The only solution that I can think of given the current situation is
to trust good coders more and given them (me included) direct write
access to viewer-development, so I can work at my own pace. A given
fact is that when I work at my own pace you can not keep up with
reviewing and testing... you have to leave that to me and trust that I
do a good job. We did that with snowglobe and as you know all those
patches were good (in the end everything was ported from snowglobe to
snowstorm, too). I simply cannot work like this: I want to work on a
project that I CAN work on at my own (high) pace.

I don't have a lot of hope anymore, but fair is fair... if those six
patches are in viewer-development by the end of the month then I'll
give it a bit more chance.
This mail is just informative. Do with it what you want.

Working currently many hours per day on http://m4ri.sagemath.org/ ,

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