[opensource-dev] Review Request: Use of local packaged FMOD libs in viewer-autobuild

Merov Linden merov at lindenlab.com
Mon Mar 14 15:28:32 PDT 2011

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Review request for Viewer.


This changes allows a local fmod package (created using 2p-fmod) to be used to build viewer-autobuild. It allows also local paths to be specified as an alternative though that option doesn't work for Windows due to further complications in manifest and libraries being copied around.

LLKDU.cmake has also be modified to use the same logic as fmod since it could be in the same category (assuming a TPV dev has a local kdu package and wants to build with USE_KDU).

The Prebuilt.cmake change is a simple refactorization no-op, making the code more clear: the USE_PROPRIETARY "if/else" code differences related to scp where commented out.

This addresses bugs STORM-1022 and STORM-1023.


  indra/cmake/FMOD.cmake c9556a1645f3 
  indra/cmake/FindFMOD.cmake c9556a1645f3 
  indra/cmake/LLKDU.cmake c9556a1645f3 
  indra/cmake/Prebuilt.cmake c9556a1645f3 
  indra/newview/CMakeLists.txt c9556a1645f3 

Diff: http://codereview.secondlife.com/r/201/diff


Build commands tested (use autobuild.cmd on Windows):
- autobuild configure -c OpenSourceRelWithDebInfo : Builds on both Mac and Windows, builds a viewer with no sound capability 
- autobuild configure -c OpenSourceRelWithDebInfo -- -DFMOD:BOOL=ON -DFMOD_LIBRARY:PATH=<full_path_to_fmod.dll> -DFMOD_INCLUDE_DIR : BuildsWorks on Mac but not on Windows.
- autobuild configure -c OpenSourceRelWithDebInfo -- -DFMOD:BOOL=ON: Builds on both Mac and Windows if path to fmod package in autobuild.xml is changed to point to a local file:///<path>.tar.gz

Linux builds: not tested



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