[opensource-dev] Snowstorm 2.6.1 with Advanced and Basic mode

Opensource Obscure opensourceobscure at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 07:13:42 PDT 2011

So I just read this Twitter message by notre ami Merov:

"Trying the last Snowstorm 2.6.1 (http://bit.ly/hEA4Y1)
containing the new launch 'Mode' drop down.
<3 'Basic' for discovering new places"

I downloaded that build and logged in Basic Mode.

It's awesome.

I feel this is a great idea that will work well for a lots of
people and will make the first approach with SL easier.

It took me by surprise, so I guess I must have missed
some conversations about it. Where can I find more details
about how it got designed? An approximative reference to
subject of mailing list discussions or wiki pages would be enough.

If you didn't do it yet, try Basic Mode by choosing it at Login
screen. Be sure to use "Latest Development Viewer"

Opensource Obscure
http://twitter.com/oobscure - http://opensourceobscure.com/lol

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