[opensource-dev] Snowstorm 2.6.1 with Advanced and Basic mode

Patnad Babii djshag at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 16 17:45:32 PDT 2011

A viewer like this is good, but seriously should be part of the SAME viewer as the other use. Simply have it with a button to switch between the Easy, Fast and Fun mode or Advanced mode. The viewer is already like 30 meg to download so, 10 megs more should’nt be a big challenge for most of the users.

With that said, its is nice to see an improvement on the UI for new users, but that viewer is VERY limited, with no inventory, no notecard and no landmark, its so limited, user will only be able to visit your spotlight places. There is not even group in that viewer.

From: Hitomi Tiponi 
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Subject: [opensource-dev] Snowstorm 2.6.1 with Advanced and Basic mode

I agree - this is definitely a very big step in the right direction for new residents.  So many good things - especially the easy destination guide.

But a few observations:
1 - a shame this wasn't implemented using proper skinning instead of a hack on the code.
2 - although you can 'detach' your hair etc. you can't add it back (unless I missed something).
3 - many places give you ncs when you arrive - it took me just 2 tps to find one, and then it tells you to upgrade to 'Advanced' to read it, confusing if you've only been inworld a short time.  Maybe a very cut-down inventory may solve this and item 2.
4 - 'no' to point and click movement - there is one journalist in SL that likes that, and he is on his own.  The standard way of walking should be introduced right at the start - it is not that difficult.

But. all that said I do like it, and I think it should improve retention rates - it also has a nice side-effect of decreasing tp and rez times!

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