[opensource-dev] Snowstorm 2.6.1 with Advanced and Basic mode

Hitomi Tiponi hitomi.tiponi at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Mar 19 12:42:30 PDT 2011

Oz Linden wrote:
> Any hard-coded color is a bug - if you find them, please file an issue.

I agree Oz - but as I have found 91 hard-coded colours in /default/xui/en/ alone 
I hardly felt like listing them all.  I restrict myself to logging JIRAs for 
crashing, performance or serious usability issues.  If I were to raise one every 
time I found an xml 'bug' I'd be rather busy becoming your xml QA department :).

I seem to remember that some of my xml files were created solely because of the 
hard-coded colours, so I'll have a look through and raise some JIRAs for those 
when I have some time.

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