[opensource-dev] STORM-9 - sharing location and status message to Twitter

Opensource Obscure opensourceobscure at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 11:43:57 PDT 2011

I just commented STORM-9, that is
"As a User, I want to share my location and a custom status with friends
 on Twitter so they can follow what I’m up to in Second Life"

Here are some ideas about how this feature could work, with regard
to Twitter only.

-user should be able to insert her Twitter account details somewhere
-this can be done in Preferences, or maybe integrated with the authentication
process currently used in Web Profiles to claim a Twitter account

-user location should automatically be retrieved when this feature is used
-a shortened version of the SLURL should be generated and added
to the status message
-a Twitter hashtag like #secondlife may be automatically added
to the status message but this should be optional

-this feature is available via menu, where a new item has to be added
-this feature may be also be available via a new UI button in the bottom bar,
which is disabled until user associates with a Twitter account
-a new floater has to be created, which shows to the user which
Twitter account is being used
-a text field is available where to write the custom status message
-the text field is pre-filled with the shortened SLURL and automatic
hashtag (if used). User should be able to remove this text from her message
-a visual indicator of how many characters are available should be present,
taking into account how many characters are used by SLURL and
automatic hashtag (if used)
-user writes her custom status message and clicks a “Send” or “Tweet
this!” button
to publish it

Note that many Second Life are already familiar with the “Email Snapshot”
feature, which is similar but more complex than what proposed here:
it’s a 2-steps process, and the last floater has 3 text fields to be
filled instead than one.
So this new feature, as proposed here, would be consistent with
the existing ones, with no complexity added.

I don’t use Facebook but I suppose this model could be extended to
different services. I propose to keep this discussion limited to Twitter
and then adapt/apply the results elsewhere.

Opensource Obscure
http://twitter.com/oobscure - http://opensourceobscure.com/lol

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