[opensource-dev] PO Build available

Anya Kanevsky akanevsky at productengine.com
Sat Mar 26 23:23:48 PDT 2011

Thanks for pointing that one out to me!  Imported it to a neat STORM-1111,
and will be happy if someone wants to pick it up and work on it (note the
opendev label)


2011/3/26 Ardy Lay <ardylay at gmail.com>

>  On 3/25/2011 5:43 PM, Anya Kanevsky wrote:
> Not sure whether this was caused by the fix, but I can confirm what you're
> seeing. Switching chat from plaintext or To plaintext, seems to screw up the
> Object's location info.
> Flipping that toggle does have some bizarre effects on things:
> https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-20260
> Blocks of chat log are being read in from then rewritten with new
> timestamps.
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