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Boroondas Gupte sllists at boroon.dasgupta.ch
Tue Mar 29 03:12:26 PDT 2011

Hi OO,

I hope you don't mind me taking this to the list, as it might be of
general interest.

On 03/29/2011 09:42 AM, Opensource Obscure wrote:
> Hello Boroondas,
> I see you removed 3 labels from
> https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-15259 while
> adding "needs-design".
> Not a problem, but I need to understand *why* you did that.
> I'm often attaching labels to JIRA issues these days
> (I find them useful), and maybe I'm doing it wrong.
> Maybe we have a sort of policy about labels and I missed it?
When you edit an issue, you see below the "Labels" field the text
>> For purposes of keeping the tag space clean, PLEASE ONLY USE APPROVED
>> TAGS.
so I guess we should not invent new label names without prior approval.
Unfortunately, this advice isn't visible in the normal (non-Edit) view
of the issue, although that too allows to add or remove labels.

If I remember correctly (can't find the transcript right now), I once
asked Oz' at an OH, whether there was a public list of approved labels
and their meanings. I think Oz said there wasn't and that we should not
add labels if we weren't sure of their meaning.

Googling, I found a Daily Scrum transcript mentioning the needs-design
from which it seems like I, too, have used that label wrongly (as the
issue isn't approved, yet), so I've removed that label again.

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