[opensource-dev] VD Build Page Hacking

Ricky kf6kjg at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 00:46:04 PST 2011

I finally got so annoyed with the build page that I decided to do some
hacking on it.  Turns out that the reason why it isn't displaying
changesets or JIRA entries is because the JSON format was changed
without correcting the Javascript.  What's more, the JSON information
doesn't have the needed data anymore.

So.  I dug and I hacked, and I hacked and I dug, and voila, I'd mashed
up a facsimile of what I think it did in the past.  And yes, I used
the phrase "mashed up" on purpose: the page I built taps into
BitBucket's REST API to get the missing data.  It's not all that
pretty to go that route, but it works.

Here's a demonstration: http://rwcproductions.com/~ricky/snowstorm/
And here's the patch:

Yes, there are some whitespace changes, and render_description() could
be cleaned up further, but I tried to not affect more than the areas
needed to make it "workable."

Suggestions, thoughts, etc. welcome.

Cron Stardust

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