[opensource-dev] I could use a little help with boost and callbacks and stuff

Lance Corrimal Lance.Corrimal at eregion.de
Fri Nov 18 00:56:08 PST 2011

OK. I'm coming out of the closet here.

I am *HOPELESSLY LOST* with this stuff.

No matter what I put where in the source, the stuff builds but it does not 
work at all.

All I get is this in the logfile:
2011-11-18T08:16:18Z WARNING: initCommitCallback: No callback found for: 
'Agent.ToggleAO' in control: aoswitch

and my AO button does not work.

The source is here:

The logic that I'm trying to build is this:

There is a button defined in app_settings/commands.xml that acts as a simple 
on/off switch.

The callback gets registered (supposedly) in llagent.cpp, and the callback 
function itself is member of LLAgent.

There's another callback that returns the state of the AO engine as TRUE or 
FALSE to tint the button.

The callback LLAgent::ToggleAO() simply calls AOEngine::getinstance()-

... why the *beep* does this *beep* not *beeping* work.

Any help would be **GREATLY** appreciated.

oh right, the files involved: llagent.* and aoengine.*
the xml / ui stuff is just fine, also, dragging the AO button *from* the 
toolbox to the toolbox button window correctly switches the AO off...

just the effing on/off button refuses to do anything.



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