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Oz Linden (Scott Lawrence) oz at lindenlab.com
Fri Nov 18 06:27:25 PST 2011

Jonathan Yap and Robin Cornelius have collaborated on a nice new 
feature... it causes parcel media streams to fade in gradually when you 
cross into the parcel and fade out gradually if you cross out.  If you 
cross between parcels with the same stream, there is no fading.  If you 
cross between parcels that have different streams, the old one fades out 
and then the new one fades in.   I think it's a big improvement.

The jira issue is STORM-591 
<https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/STORM-591>, and trial builds are 
available at


The current test implementation has a pair of debug variables for 
controlling the fade time: AudioMusicFadeIn and AudioMusicFadeOut are 
the number of seconds that each fade takes.  In the test version above, 
these default to 5 seconds.

We're going to integrate this feature, but without the variables: the 
times will just be fixed at some reasonable values.   Hence this mail 
... this is your chance to help pick what those values should be.   Try 
it out, and comment in the issue (or reply to this thread, either way) 
with the values you think are best.  Early next week we'll pick the 
final values and move the issue forward.

    /If instead you would prefer to have a debate about whether or not
    there should be debug variables or preferences for this, please _do
    not_ put those comments in the issue, and I'd appreciate it if you
    started a new email thread for that.  That is a settled question:
    the additional testing complexity of having variables is not worth
    the flexibility./

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