[opensource-dev] [viewer-development-builds] Successful Build Nr. 245237 for snowstorm_viewer-development (cfa78777453c) on CYGWIN

Tillie Ariantho tillie at xp2.de
Fri Nov 18 09:20:34 PST 2011

On 16.11.2011 01:57, Automatic notification for viewer-development builds wrote:

> installer_CYGWIN: http://automated-builds-secondlife-com.s3.amazonaws.com/hg/repo/snowstorm_viewer-development/rev/245237/arch/CYGWIN/installer/Second_Life_3-2-4-245237_Development_Setup.exe

That build crashes the nVidia driver pretty often. Right now I can't even log in with the dev client, crashes the driver right after clicking Login.

nVidia driver 285.62 on Win7 64bit


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