[opensource-dev] Review Request: STORM-58 Allow objects to have 99.99% max hollow for default hollow shape.

Jamey Fletcher jamey at beau.org
Fri Sep 9 07:53:37 PDT 2011

Lance Corrimal wrote:

> under certain conditions the hollow value"snaps back"  to 95.0:
> * stretching a hollowed prim
> * entering a"wrong number"  manually, e.g. 99.999

I believe all prim size/parameter restraints are clamped on the server, 
due to the Megaprims debacle.  I think there was some testing of hollows 
greater than 95%, and some issues were run into with the physics engine. 
  As the physics engine has changed twice, at least, since then I think, 
it may be possible to increase it to 99%.

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