[opensource-dev] Review Request: STORM-1578, STORM-1589: Away improvements

Oz Linden oz at lindenlab.com
Wed Sep 14 12:20:38 PDT 2011

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Review request for Viewer.


Remove the viewer side automatic logout after extended away time.
Note, however, that the server still logs you out after 30 minutes
away: see SVC 7251.
Allow more time (10 seconds vs 2 seconds) after initiating Away status
during which mouse movements do not remove the Away status.

This addresses bug storm-1578.


  indra/newview/app_settings/settings.xml ffa9260a0b27 
  indra/newview/llagent.h ffa9260a0b27 
  indra/newview/llagent.cpp ffa9260a0b27 
  indra/newview/llappviewer.cpp ffa9260a0b27 
  indra/newview/llviewerjoystick.cpp ffa9260a0b27 
  indra/newview/llviewerwindow.cpp ffa9260a0b27 

Diff: http://codereview.secondlife.com/r/473/diff


I've done local testing with these changes.

For some reason I can't figure out, adding just these changes to the then-current viewer-development tip increased the likelihood (to something very close to 100%) of crashing due to problems with multi-threaded curl use.   There is a separate proposed fix for that (see STORM-1562), and integrating that proposed fix eliminated the problem and allowed me to test these changes.



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