[opensource-dev] reference mesh avatars

Daniel danielravennest at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 20:50:49 PDT 2011

Sorry for the tardy reply on this, but I was out of town visiting family:

* I agree that the mesh wiki documentation is a mess.  I have done some 
work on the 3ds Max page, since I use that program, and have it on my to 
do list to work on the rest of the mesh wiki pages with the exception of 
the other 3D program specific ones (since I don't know those programs 
and their quirks).

* You can download a set of 2D skin and clothing templates, and 3D 
avatar model templates I made from


Consider it beta at this point.  I am still working on the avatar itself 
that they are used with.  Based on discussions with users, forum posts, 
etc, I have about half a dozen updates and improvements to make to it.  
Also, the mesh development team is still working on the viewer and 
server code, so it's a bit premature to make any kind of "reference", 
since features might be rendered obsolete or moot.  I have no problem 
working on it in parallel with the viewer/server work, and having other 
people contribute to it, or their own versions.  I don't think any 
single reference model will suit everyone, so likely it will end up more 
of a library.  My templates have been downloaded 218 times, so someone 
out there is interested in them.

* I did a set of basic mesh prims for Blue Mars, and had it on my to do 
list to import those to SL also.  I will gladly donate them to a library 
or collection.  There are simple shapes not available with the original 
SL prims, like 5, 6, and 8 sided prisms, which would be very nice to 
have ready made for people who don't want to take the time to learn a 3D 
program, but want to use mesh primitives to build with.


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> given that the Mesh docs seem to be a dogs breakfast does anybody have
> interest in creating a set of "reference" Avatars (with Clothing
> maybe??)? Im thinking that it would help say the Make Human project if
> they had something to look at to see where they would need to end up
> (if they wanted to support SL).
> heck a nice library of "standard" objects would work also.

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