[opensource-dev] Inventory Patch you should integrate

Henri Beauchamp sldev at free.fr
Fri Feb 10 10:31:17 PST 2012

On Sat, 11 Feb 2012 05:21:03 +1100, Tateru Nino wrote:

> On 11/02/2012 3:26 AM, Henri Beauchamp wrote:
> > On Sat, 11 Feb 2012 01:29:43 +1100, Tateru Nino wrote:
> >
> >> On 10/02/2012 6:14 AM, Henri Beauchamp wrote:
> >>> On Thu, 09 Feb 2012 14:11:30 -0500, Oz Linden (Scott Lawrence) wrote:
> >>>
> >>>> Henri, that protocol is not subject to change at this very late date.
> >>> LOL !... You are kidding me, right ?... What's the use to ask for
> >>> feedback if everything is already settled ?... That got to be a
> >>> (very bad) joke !!!
> >> A small correction: The Lab never asked for feedback, as far as I can
> >> tell. What was said was (essentially), "We're changing these things,
> >> here's what can go wrong, this is the patch you should apply."
> >>
> >> I don't recall anyone asking for feedback.
> > Excepted that the patch is incomplete/non-functional and that
> > feedback *is* requested on the Wiki page for Aditi inventory
> > test region...
> > See: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/InventoryBetaTest#Details
> >
> > Henri.
> Only insofar as to whether it functions or fails to function for the
> test criteria, as far as I can see.

OK... So let's be anal...

Quoting the Wiki ("***" highlightings are mine):

"Why: To help make Inventory more reliable and faster
 How: ***However*** you can."


"Testing will be as simple as rezzing objects and transferring them
between yourselves and others ***by any method you can imagine***."

and finally:

"File JIRAs for any issues you find ..."

If it's not a request for feedback, then I don't know what it is..

Granted, I didn't file a JIRA, but since the patch was posted here...

Now, if feedback and contributions are not welcome by LL, they could
as well close this list and close the sources of their viewer...


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