[opensource-dev] Question about the rendering and how to hide textures selectively

Marine Kelley marinekelley at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 05:33:06 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I've been looking and doing trial-and-error for hours, and still haven't
found out how to do this :

I'd like to add a way to the RLV to actually not render the diffuse
textures in world (but still render them on the avatars and their
attachments, and render normal and specular maps in-world as well), both in
deferred and forward rendering. Basically I want the world to look as if no
texture was rezzed, except for the avatars and all their attachments. As a
bonus, I want partly (not totally) transparent surfaces in world to be
opaque and untextured as well.

Anyone among you knows how to do that without butchering the rendering
pipeline ? It shouldn't be hard, but I've been searching for hours for the
spot where the viewer retrieves a texture by its UUID in the fetched
textures, to apply it to a face, but no way to find that.

Thanks for any pointer you could give me,
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