[opensource-dev] macOS 10.14 deprecation of OpenGL, what does this mean for SL?

Kadah Coba kadah.coba at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 14:05:30 PDT 2018

On 6/4/2018 10:41 PM, Dahlia Trimble wrote:
> I can't believe that Apple will remove an API that so many 
> applications use.

I've seen Apple do worse in the past with less warning.

Apple disabled SSLv3 by default in iOS 9 and an OSX update (maybe around 
10.11, can't remember) without warning. This would have been fine since 
any updated server would also support TLS, except Apple screwed up 
somewhere and many Apple apps, like Mail, would still attempt to connect 
using SSLv3 but then fail with a typically Apple style unhelpful error 
when the OS doesn't allow it to use SSLv3 because the app's plist config 
doesn't allow for an exception.

I got around this by disabling SSLv3 and enforcing TLS only, which 
flagged dayed email for Apple users. Before I did that, if they updated 
to iOS9, they couldn't get email; after I made the changes, they 
required iOS9, and likely an account delete and readd on their phone 
because Apple.

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