[sldev] Request for LL feedback on avatar scanner features

Dale Glass dale at daleglass.net
Thu Feb 1 16:54:26 PST 2007

В сообщении от 2 февраля 2007 01:26 Frans написал(a):
> Groups change a lot more though. I remove and add a group almost weekly
> because of the limit.

It can be useful to keep the data around anyway.

If you want to know if people are members of a group you're a member of, you 
can get the list of members with one query, instead of submitting a request 
per person. This is of course even more out of date, but could be of use 

There are degrees of staleness, as well. For example, as a part of working on 
the SL client, I often start it up, run it for a minute or two, notice 
something isn't right, close it, fix, start again in the same place... Then 
if I don't run SL for a week, discarding the cache completely would make 

Old data can be used if the server is too busy -- old stuff is better than 
nothing. I think this could at least help keeping people from hammering the 
server to death. If the profile is already not loading and people need the 
data, they could try to re-open it, adding even more load. It's like when a 
server gets slashdotted -- people who are impatient, or get images that 
didn't load decide to reload the page and make the general situation even 

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