[sldev] xmlrpc-epi and expat crash

Phoenix phoenix at secondlife.com
Fri Feb 2 09:00:40 PST 2007

Our instructions on the wiki include steps to remove xmlrpc-epi's  
copy of expat. Are these insufficient or unclear?


On 2007 Feb 1, at 23:27, David Fries wrote:
> What do you get when some code is compiled against one set of headers
> and other code (in the same program) is compiled against a different
> set?  Problems, just see my earlier post on 'OpenJPEG MAX_PATH issue'
> don't look for a thread, there were no replies on the list.
> I'm guessing that second life just started using some XML that it
> wasn't using earlier.  Maybe something to do with capabilities and
> xmlrpc that wasn't used earlier?  Here's the problem.
> xmlrpc-epi-0.51 includes expat, but it is an old version.  When I say
> includes it, I mean there is a copy in the source directory, and that
> verson is compiled into the xmlrpc-epi library.  Old enough that it
> doesn't even use expat.h which the current expat version does.  There
> are multipe references to expat.h in the second life source code
> indicating that second life is expected to compile against the new
> version of expat.
> My solution was to remove expat from xmlrpc-epi and fixup the source
> files to reference the new header file name for expat.  Another Unix
> developer I was talking to was having the same issue and doing what I
> did worked for him as well.  I would expect other problem to have this
> problem as well.
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